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Celebrating Neurodiversity

5/11/2024 12:10 pm

In 1970 April was first named Autism Awareness month and in 1988 declared to officially be Autism Awareness month in the U.S. It has now blossomed into an awesome celebration of Neurodiversity! The term neurodiversity was first named by Judy Singer, a white Australian sociologist in her thesis in 1998 and the term neurodivergent was first named by Kassiane Asasumasu, a biracial, multiply neurodivergent American activist in 2000.  It is also important to note that the neurodiversity movement is part of the disability justice movement, which views neurodivergence as a disability, and disability itself as a neutral, non-pathologizing word to describe someone who has limitations/difficulty in their ability to manage their health and wellness, navigate systems, or navigate out in the world.



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Please click here to download an information packet compiled by Lauren Dehler, Psy.D., PDA Autistic Clinical Psychologist.



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They Aren't Too Young To Talk To About Race

9/16/2022 6:02 am


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While it may be uncomfortable to talk about race with your child, it is incredibly important.  By the time children are in elementary school they have already formed an opinion on race and where they stand within the continuum. There are many ways to help your child reduce their bias. You can make playdates with children from different backgrounds, bring them to playgrounds in a different neighborhood, make sure they are reading books with a diverse set of characters and make sure the content they are watching have characters of varying backgrounds.  By exposing them to different cultures you are broadening their horizons and teaching them that all people have value regardless of their background. 




They Are Not Too Young to Talk About Race

Why All Parents Should Talk With Their Kids About Social Identity 3 mins

Talking About Race for Parents and Caregivers from the National Museum of African American History and Culture  

Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism: A Discussion Guide PBS Kids

Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism PBS Kids 30 mins

Read in Color recommended reading 

National Museum of African American History and Culture Talking About Race

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So What Would Be Helpful?

9/16/2022 5:44 am


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Image from What'd I Miss Daze of our Lives by R Alan Brooke & Cori Redford





“So what would be helpful then?”  That is the question that is top of mind for many people.  It would be helpful to educate yourself on various social topics and issues.  With a better understanding of social issues we can affect real change within our community and make it a better place for everyone to live in. Please see our glossary for a list of topics that it would be helpful to learn about.



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