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Please use the directory to search for contact information of our chairs or email us at hutchinsonschoolpta@gmail.com


Book Fair: Organizes and runs our book sale fundraiser twice yearly (fall & spring); includes dealing with the vendor, setup and cleanup, and organizing volunteers.

Chair: Anna Rollner



Bylaws: Redrafts bylaws online periodically as required by NY State PTA. The next draft is due for submission in January 2023.

Chair: Annie Fagbeyiro


Class Parents: Solicits and assigns class parents at the beginning of the year; coordinates various class parent programs throughout the year. The Class Parents in each class (2-3) chaperone class trips, assist teachers in preparing class parties and other programs by teacher request.

Co-chairs: Marcie Gatchalian, Theresa O’Halloran, Jelena Mileno


Cultural Arts Committee: Identifies and coordinates all aspects of programming for multiple assemblies by outside arts organizations every school year that expose students to the performing and fine arts. The committee's focus is celebrating diversity, culture, and heritage through mediums such as dance, music, art, and the written word. 

Co-chairs:  Megan Kim, Sandy Manessis


Dads’ Club: Organizes regular meetings to enable Hutchinson’s dads to socialize and discuss school-related issues, plan, and running of the annual family barbecue in June.

Chair: Jared Otero, Jim McCormick


DEI Committee: Works alongside the school and the district to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into every undertaking.

Co-chairs: Cheri Hardial-Pitamber, Amy Rios


Enrichment: Organizes and implements a lunchtime enrichment program; arranges teachers & classes, prepares brochures, advertising programs, assigns classes, etc. Responsibilities include: contacting instructors, coordinating classes offered; sending out and collecting applications and monies from students; placing students in classes, and during the first week of each session being in the school at lunchtime to ensure a smooth transition.

Chair: Alex Loewy


Fundraising: Plans and runs fundraisers and community events throughout the year.

Chair: Heena Jain


International Day: Our biannual cultural event includes food, music, dance, exhibits, and various culturally inspired activities. Requires co-chairpersons and a committee of volunteers to organize, schedule, and manage all aspects of the event.

Chair: Katie Flynn


Outdoor Education Committee:  Creates a premier outdoor education space that will serve Hutchinson and the entire Pelham community.  In addition to creating a tangible vision and design, consulting with multidisciplinary professionals, conducting extensive field research, creating a budget, and conducting fundraising campaigns.

Chair: Amy Lienert, Inga Dawe


Membership: Promotes PTA membership, collects membership forms & dues. Manages PTA directory online.

Chair: Dave Motta, Stephanie Otero


Picture Day: Helps select and hire the photographer and set up class photography sessions and retake day. Assists photographer and children on Picture Day, assuring the timeliness of sessions and the least interruption to the school day.

Chair:  Kristen Whalen


PTA Council Rep: Attends monthly PTA Council meetings, and prepares reports for our PTA meetings.

Chair: Stephani Otero


School Supply: Obtains class supply sheets from teachers; determines brands & pricing with the vendor; advertises and manages the sale to parents.

Chair: Inga Dawe


Spelling Bee: Participates in District planning, coordinates registration process and works with the Spelling Bee coach, provides and distributes study materials, organizes building contest, responds to parents' inquiries.

Chair: Michele Pagnotta, Margaret Breuninger


Teacher Appreciation Week and Holiday cards: Plan events during Teacher Appreciation Week in May including a luncheon for teachers and staff.  Coordinate holiday gift cards for teachers and staff.

Corresponding secretary:  Viviane Puhalovic






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