Book Fair: organizes and runs our book sale fundraiser twice yearly (fall & spring); includes dealing with the vendor, setup and cleanup, and organizing volunteers.


Box Tops: collect and submit Box Tops, including advertising the program


Bylaws: redraft bylaws online periodically as required by NY State PTA. The next draft is due for submission in January XXX.


Class Parents: the chair(s) solicit and assign class parents at the beginning of the year; coordinate various class parent programs throughout the year. The Class Parents in each class (2-3) chaperone class trips assist teachers in preparing class parties and other programs by teacher request.


Cultural Arts Committee: the CAC identifies opportunities and coordinates all aspects of approximately three to four arts-related assemblies performed by outside arts and cultural organizations every school year.


Dads’ Club: organize regular meetings to enable Hutchinson’s dads to socialize and discuss school-related issues, planning, and running of the annual family barbecue in June.


DeCicco’s receipts: encourage parents to participate in the program, collect revenues, tally, and submit.


Directory: gather addresses and prepare a directory for printing; solicit advertisers


Enrichment: organize and implement a lunchtime enrichment program; arrange teachers & classes, prepare brochure, advertising program, assign classes, etc. Responsibilities include: contacting instructors, coordinating classes offered; sending out and collecting applications and monies from students; placing students in classes, and during the first week of each session being in the school at lunchtime to ensure a smooth transition.


Family Night: organize one to two family nights per year. Possibilities include themed game nights, movie nights, or some other type of event that encourages families to spend time socializing with other Hutchinson families.


Fundraising: plan and run fundraisers throughout the year (traditionally one in the fall & one in the spring).


Hospitality: arrange for refreshments at key PTA meetings and other events as needed, such as Open house, kindergarten screening & breakfasts.


International Day: Our biannual cultural event that includes food, music, dance, exhibits, and various culturally inspired activities. Requires co-chairpersons and committee of volunteers to organize, schedule, and manage all aspects of the event.


Membership: promote PTA membership; collect membership forms & dues; distribute cards & directories to members.


Pasta Night: plan and implement a family pasta night to be held in the Middle School Cafeteria, including entertainment, ticket sales, raffle prizes, etc.


Picture Day: To help select and hire the photographer and set up class photography sessions and retake day. Assist photographer and children on Picture Day, assuring the timeliness of sessions and the least interruption to the school day.


Plant Sale: organize and run annual plant sale held the week before Mothers’ Day.


PTA Council Rep: attend monthly PTA Council meetings, and prepare reports for our PTA meetings.


School Supply Program: obtain class supply sheets from teachers; determine brands & pricing with the vendor; advertise & manage the sale to parents


Staff Appreciation Luncheon: coordinate a luncheon for teachers and staff. Food may be donated by parent cooks or catered.


Welcoming committee: develop and implement a structured program to welcome new students and ease mid-year transitions. The program will involve the pairing of families to help newcomers feel welcome in the Hutchinson community.